Business Tablets

  • Optional RFID Reader
  • Integrated 2D Barcode Scanner
  • High Performance Intel Processors
  • Less than 2% Failure Rate
  • Windows 7, 10, IoT Compatible
  • FIPS Compliant Smart Card Reader
Rugged X10
10.1" Rugged Windows Tablet
T10C Tablet
9.7" Business Tablet

What is a Business Tablet?

When you break it down, a business tablet is exactly what it sounds like - a tablet designed specifically for business applications. While some consumer tablets have crossed over into the business world, there is almost always a compromise that needs to be made in order to get them to perform. With Cybernet, there is no compromise. It doesn't matter if you are in retail, corporate, or even the government sector, you need a tablet that is built to last, can run the software you want to run, and can adapt to fit your needs.

The problem with a consumer tablet is that you either have to use software designed to run on their OS, you can't integrate them with other hardware, or they have moved on to the next model before you've even had a chance to roll out your initial deployment. And their idea of service is to have you buy the newer model. Companies choose a Windows business tablet because reliability matters.

Customizability Matters Too

No two business needs are alike. The ability to customize a tablet to perfectly align with your business applications can mean the difference between widespread user adoption and a failed deployment. Cybernet's business tablets not only come with a robust feature set, but they can be customized to include a number of incredible optional features. Smart card and CAC readers can be integrated for retail purposes, or for secure log in. Desktop docking stations can be used to transition from a mobile device to fully functional desktop workstation. Full sized ports can be used to integrate with other hardware as a control interface. Barcode scanner can be used for any number of retail or inventory related applications.

Beyond that, Cybernet's business tablets can be loaded with Windows 7, 8, 10, or even IoT if you want to remove bloatware. Linux is also an option for more cybersecurity. When the tablet needs to go into the field 4G LTE wireless connectivity is an option. You can even VESA mount these devices to a wall for a low profile static interface. Once you understand how flexible a true business tablet can be, it opens up new ideas for how processes can be streamlined.

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