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How do I clean the LCD screen?

Over time, dirt, smudges, dust, and more can reduce the picture quality on an LCD, much like looking through a dirty pair of glasses. Cleaning an LCD screen is a simple and straightforward process.

1.Take a clean, lint-free cotton cloth and spray some glass cleaner on it. Be sure the cloth is damp but not dripping or otherwise oversaturated.

2. Apply even pressure in a consistent motion, taking care not to apply too much pressure.

3. Do not spray any cleaning fluid directly on the LCD screen to prevent liquid from dripping inside of it. (This also applies to touch screen monitors.)

4. A suitable cleaning solution for LCDs is a mixture of 50% Isopropyl alcohol and 50% distilled or otherwise purified water. For touch screens, 5-10% bleach may be used to clean the touch glass without harming it.

5. For purposes of disinfecting, benzyl alcohol and/or hydrogen peroxide can be used without harming the LCD screen and/or Touch Screen; please follow the same application directions as above to avoid damaging the touch screen and/or PC.