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How do I Open my i-One LCD-PC to Reach the Components Inside?

This article details the process of opening the i-One to reach the Hard Drive and Optical Drive. This information also applies to opening the unit in general.

ORIENTATION: Presumes the top of the i-One is away from the user and the bottom or I/O controller board is nearest the user.

1. Place the i-One face down on a padded surface.

2. Remove the four screws holding the stand to the LCD; be sure to support the base while removing the last screw.

3. Remove the eleven back bezel screws. Carefully remove the back bezel and set aside.

4. Remove the metal shield by first removing the I/O cover; remove the three screws on the bottom, two screws on the face, and one screw above the HDMI port. Lift the plate out and up and set aside.

5. Remove the remaining eleven screws around the metal shield covering the motherboard.

6. First lift the metal shield and slide it to the right, clearing the optical drive door (at the top right), then disconnect the system fan cable connector from the motherboard at FAN2 next to the top right corner of the CPU.

7. In order to gain access to the Hard Disk Drive slot, unscrew the four screws on the Optical Disk Drive assembly and remove the Optical Disk Drive, disconnecting the IDE ribbon cable from the mainboard.

8. If installing, slide the Hard Disk Drive into the frame and line up the two screw holes accordingly. If removing the Hard Drive, unscrew the two screws holding the Hard Drive in place and slide it carefully out of the frame.

9. Connect the SATA cable, then connect the power cable.

10. Replace the Optical Disk Drive, securing the four screws. The two screws on the side will secure the HDD and complete the hard drive installation. Reverse above steps to re-assemble unit.