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How do I set up my TV Tuner Cables?

This article provides directions for setting up the TV tuner Cables on both the MiniPCI and MiniPCIe TV tuner cards provided by Cybernet.

The image tuner.jpg is of the MiniPCI TV Tuner (PV-970), and the image TV-Tuner PCIe card 001.jpg is the MiniPCIe TV Tuner (Avermedia A336). To set up the cables for the MiniPCI TV Tuner, first take the RCA AV ports and connect the white connection to the port on the card, then take the coaxial port and attach its circular connection to the specified spot on the board (AV bracket.JPG, tuner2.jpg). The AV ports may not be connected to a bracket, but the internal connections will be the same.

The MiniPCIe card should be set up the same way (TV-Tuner PCIe card 002.jpg).