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How to Check if Your CyberMed/Cybernet T10 Tablet Battery is Dead or Dying

Due to current rechargeable battery technology, after normal usage, the battery in the CyberMed/Cybernet T10 Tablet will no longer hold a charge. How long it takes depends on your specific usage and how often the unit is recharged. If your tablet is used all day long, and is recharged at the end of each day, the battery will not last as long as somebody who only uses their tablet for short periods of time and only recharges their unit every couple of days.

It is fairly easy to test for a dead/dying battery. All you have to do is connect power directly to the unit using the power port on the left side of the unit. Then allow the unit to charge for at least 4 hours, without usage. Next power the unit on and allow it to boot into the operating system. Fianlly disconnect the power from the unit.
Be sure to connect power directly to the unit, to eliminate
the dock as being an issue.

If your battery is dying, the unit will shut off after a few minutes. Depending on your operating system, you may get a message warning that your battery is low on power. If you battery is dead the unit will shut off immediately, but this can also be indicative of a battery that has come disconnected internally. If your unit stays on, but not as long as it did when you first purchased the unit, this may be a sign of battery wear.