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How to Install a 2D Scanner into the CyberMed/Cybernet-T10 Tablet

Adding a 2D Scanner to the T10 Tablet is fairly straight forward, but would be considered an advanced task, since the tablet uses much smaller components than a standard PC. It is recommended that you proceed with caution.

What you will need to perform this task:

Small Phillips Head Screwdriver
Electrical Tape
Scissors or Razor Blade

In the image below you will see the inside of the T10 before the 2D Scanner is installed. In the lower middle you will see a small brown and beige connector. To the right of the connector you will see two screw posts, for the Controller Board and in the lower right, you will see the area where the 2D Scanner will be installed.
We will need to prep the T10 to accept the 2D Scanner. To do this we need to remove the white blanking plate, the scanner hold down bracket, install the clear scanner lens and open the cable connector. The connector is very small, so please open it carefully. you can use your fingernail to flip the brown part of the connector upwards. Set the tablet some place safe while we prepare the 2D Scanner for installation.
Now that the tablet is ready for the 2D Scanner to be installed, we need to prepare the 2D Scanner and the Controller Board. Let's start by configuring the 2D Scanner. The first thing we will do is connect the scanner hold down bracket to the 2D Scanner. It is important that the correct screws are used. In the upper left image, you will see the screws on the right are for the bracket to the 2D Scanner. These two screws will be a little bit longer and are more of a lighter silver color than the rest of the screws we are using. The other important part of this step is to make sure the bracket is orientated correctly. There are two peg holes on the outside of the screw holes. If you set the bracket on the pegs, the screw holes will line up correctly. If not, turn the bracket around 180 degrees. Now use the two longer screws to connect the bracket.
To get the Controller Board ready to go we need to add an electromagnetic interference (EMI) shield to the Controller Board. Before we add the shield, gently pull out the brown part of the connector marked "1" and flip up the brown part of the connector labeled "2." Now just peel the EMI shield off of the backing and carefully wrap it around the Controller Board, making sure to line up the rectangular hole that the connector sticks through.
There are two smaller EMI shields we need to put into place before we finish our installation. The first goes between the screws on the 2D Scanner hold down bracket. The second goes between the two screw posts on the motherboard, slightly off to the left where the Controller Board will sit.
For the rest of the install we just need to connect everything together and put all in the tablet. To do this we will be using two, flat ribbon, cables. The first is a longer black and gold cable. The second is a shorter blue and white cable. The black cable connects the 2D Scanner to the Controller Board. The blue and white cable connects the Controller Board to the motherboard.
With the white lettering face up, take the end of the black cable that has the 90 degree turn in it and gently push it into the connector on the 2D Scanner. You want to connect these very carefully, applying only a slight amount of pressure. Make sure the cable is seated fully into the connector and is nice and straight. Take the cable and push it over, so that it lays flat with the white lettering on the bottom.
Now let's connect the 2D Scanner to the Controller Board. Take the free end of the longer black cable and slide it into the connecter sticking out of the EMI shield on the Controller board. Be sure the cable is seated all the way into the connector, then flip the brown part of the connector downward to lock the cable in place. This cable is very sensitive, so we are going to use some electric tape to secure it in place. Take the shorter blue and white cable and press it into the second connector on the Controller Board. Once it is seated all the way in and is straight, press the two sides of the connector (marked with red) to lock it into place.
To wrap up, we only need to install our 2D Scanner assembly. Insert the free end of the blue and white cable into the connector and flip the lock downward. Press the 2D Scanner into position, making sure to line up the pins next to the screw holes. If the screw holes do not line up, the bracket is most likely backwards and needs to be rotated 180 degrees. If the holes do line up, screw the 2D Scanner down. Finally screw the Controller board down to the two screw posts on the motherboard.

You have successfully installed a 2D Scanner into your T10 tablet. There are many different barcodes/symbologies the 2D Scanner can be configured to be used with. This requires driver installation for Windows, software and configuration. See the articles below for further information on how to setup the 2D Scanner to work best in your environment.