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T10/T10C 2D Scanner Power Test

In this article we will go through the process of testing if the 2D scanner is getting power. This is useful if you find that your scanner isn't coming on at all in Windows. If the light does come on after the test then the issue is probably related to the operating system or the driver and you should see the related article about installing the 2D scanner driver. If you are getting no power to the scanner after this test then you will want to contact Tech Support.
1. Make sure the T10 tablet is powered off.
2. Connect a USB keyboard directly to one of the side USB ports on the T10 tablet, not the docking station.
3. Turn on the T10 tablet and start tapping the delete key on the keyboard until you get into the BIOS.
4. Push and hold the 2D scanner button on the bottom of the T10 tablet to activate either the red or white 2D scanner.

Button to activate the 2D Scanner:

Testing the 2D Scanner in the BIOS: