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How To Install The 2D Scanner Driver

In this article we will be explaining on how to install the driver in Windows for the 2D scanner. You will need to use the T10 driver disc or download the driver from our FTP here Driver Link. This is useful if you find that your 2D scanner isn't turning on in Windows. This is common if you happen to scan the barcode that resets the scanner to its factory defaults. After installing the driver you will then need to program the scanner to read barcodes. Please see the related programming articles if you need help.
1. Click the start button, right click on computer and choose properties.
2. Click Device Manager in the upper left of System Properties.
3. If the driver isn't installed properly it will be listed as ED40 with an error mark in Device Manager.
4. Right click the ED40 in Device Manager and choose Update Driver Software.
5. Now choose Browse my computer for driver software.
6. Now click Browse and search for the USB Virtual COM Driver x86 either from the driver disc or FTP download.
7. After clicking OK then choose Next to proceed to installing the driver.
8. You may be prompted with a security message and choose Install this driver software anyway.
9. Once the driver is installed properly you will see the following window and need to just click Close.
10. You should now see Device Manager with no errors with the Intermac Device driver installed. At this point you are ready to program the scanner.