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How To Set What The Power Button Does On A T10 Tablet

In this article we will be explaining on how to change what the power button does when you push it for the T10 Tablet. There are settings in both the BIOS and Windows for this feature. On the T10 tablet you can change the power button setting for when it is on battery and plugged in.

First hit the start button and type "power" into the search field. Now choose Change what the power buttons do.
Now you have the ability to change what happens when you push the power button. Select the option you want for both On battery and Plugged in. After selecting your choice then hit Save Changes.

With the power button setting in Windows now configured, you just need to configure the BIOS for the duration needed to peform the action you set in Windows. Reboot the computer and tap the delete key until you get into the BIOS screen. In the BIOS navigate to the Configuration menu and then Power Management Setting.
In the Power Management Setting submenu you will now have the option to change Power Button Action to Instant Shut Down or 4 Sec Shut Down. This will determine how long you need to hold the power button before the action you set in Windows will be performed.