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Known Issue With Service Pack 3

There is a known issue with Windows XP Service Pack 3 that Cybernet's engineers have resolved. If Windows XP Service Pack 3 is applied to the iOne-GX31 prior to installing the latest BIOS, the unit will begin a loop of rebooting.

1. To stop the loop, press and hold the power button until the unit powers down.

2. Wait a few moments, then power the unit back on. Begin pressing F5 repeatedly until the Windows Advanced Options Menu appears.

3. Choose the option 'Disable Automatic Restart on System Failure' and the unit should try to boot again.

4. When the stop error occurs (blue screen of death), make sure the error code is 0x000000A5. To find out what this error code means, click here to visit Microsoft's Knowledge Base article regarding it.

5. To fix this issue, download the latest BIOS for the iOne-GX31 below. Please extract the files and copy them to a bootable USB Key; a bootable CD may also be created for this purpose.

6. Once done, boot the unit from the chosen device and browse to the directory where the BIOS files were extracted.

7. Type 'flash' and press enter; this should begin the BIOS flashing procedure. If not, type the following command EXACTLY - afudos A7404IC4.151 /p /b /c /n /reboot.

8. Once the unit reboots, the BIOS defaults screen will appear, presenting the options to press F1 to enter BIOS or F2 to load default values. Press F1 to enter the BIOS, F9 to load optimal defaults, and F10 to save and exit.

Windows should now load properly; if it does not or the system has a different stop error, reinstall the Operating System.