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My i-One touch screen is not working

Cause - Possible CMOS or Driver corruption

Follow these steps to correct the problem for the iOne line of touch-screen computers:

1. First be sure to uninstall the touch screen driver by removing the Touchkit program. To do this in Windows XP, go to Start, Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs (for Windows Vista/Windows 7 users it will be Start, Control Panel, Programs and Features.)

2. Locate the entry for Touchkit and choose to uninstall it.

3. When prompted to restart the machine, do not do so. Instead shut down the PC and remove power from it.

4. Clear the CMOS and load optimized defaults by following the model-specific directions in the related article.

5. When the Operating System reboots, reinstall the touch drivers. Use either the driver CD that shipped with the unit, or download the drivers from Cybernet (from the Support section of the navigation tab, choose Downloads).

6. Once downloaded and extracted, run the executable (setup.exe). Be sure to accept all default options and click Next to install the software.

7. After the installation completes, restart the computer.

8. When the system has rebooted, launch the Touchkit program via the Touchkit icon on the desktop and click the Add button. This allows the touch controller to be added and the touch screen to be calibrated.

9. Once added, a restart of the PC may be required prior to being able to calibrate. Please refer to the Attachments below for the options to choose when calibrating the touch screen. The first two files refer to the iOne-GX31 and i-945; the last file is in reference to the i-One M661ST.