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My PC does not power on

Cause - AC power applied prior to connecting DC power

If the PC is plugged in but there is no response from the power button, the External Power Supply may not have been plugged in correctly. Try the following 4 steps first:

1. Disconnect the External Power Supply from both the power and the PC.

2. Now clear the CMOS for the unit; further instructions for this process can be found in the product manual or by clicking on the model-specific related link.

3. After waiting a few seconds, plug the DC end in first; this is the end that plugs into the computer.

4. Then plug the AC end into the power source; the machine should now come up.

If the PC still does not power up, other things to try:

Connect a different External Power Supply from the same model of PC.If the machine still has no power, check the External Power Supply for a green or blue LED. The LED should be lit if power is connected to the External Power Supply.

If it is not lit, unplug the External Power Supply from the unit and the power source. Wait a few moments, then plug the External Power Supply into the power source ONLY. If it still does not have a lit LED, replace the External Power Supply.

If it does have a lit LED, again unplug the External Power Supply from the power source and wait a few moments. Then complete the plug-in process described above.

If there is still no power and/or the LED is no longer lit when the External Power Supply is connected to the machine, the machine will require service.