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My Zero-Footprint-PC has no keyboard function

Cause - Keytop connections and/or POS Jumper

1. If the system is powered on and loads the operating system but there is no keyboard function, power down the PC.

2. Open the unit and ensure all connections from the keytop to the motherboard are properly connected.

3. If the ZPC is an Elite series and is giving a No Keyboard Present error at boot, ensure the system is not setup to use a POS-Y Adapter (see the related article for more information).

4. For the ZPC series of Zero-Footprint-PCs, it is possible the Controller Board of the keytop has gone bad (see pictures in attachment). This can result in some or no keys functioning properly.

5. If a second unit in the ZPC family is available, try swapping keytops around.

6. If the issue follows the keytop, the Controller Board should be replaced.

7. If the issue remains with the unit, it may be an underlying hardware issue that would require Repair/Inspection.