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Proper Windows Activation Procedure for Cybernet PCs

1. When a new computer purchased with an Operating System leaves Cybernet's factory, turning it on for the first time brings up a screen welcoming the user to Windows. The user will need to complete various registration tasks such as naming the PC.

2. When the machine asks if the user is ready to activate, be sure to choose the option Not at this time. Windows must be allowed to complete the Plug and Play process prior to activation, or else activation issues may occur.

3. To allow Windows to initialize all hardware, complete the registration process. While at the desktop, the plug and play wizard should begin automatically.

4. When it has completed, restart the PC.

5. When Windows finishes loading, XP users can activate the machine by opening the Start Menu and clicking the Activate icon. (For Windows Vista/7 users, right click on My Computer and choose Properties. Then scroll down to the bottom of the System Properties window and click the option for Activation.)