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Screen goes blank just before Windows desktop (GUI)


The SYSTEM loses the picture or turns black just after the “ loading windows " screen appears. (Wrong display device configuration)

1. Power the computer completely off by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds or until there are no more lights on.
2. Press the power button to turn the computer back on. Immediately after powering it on, repetitively tap the "F8" key.
3. As a result of pressing the F8 key you should now be at the Windows advanced boot option screen. Using the "arrow down" key select "Safe Mode":

  • Using the "arrow down" key select "safe mode"

Step 4: Your computer will now boot up into windows safe mode.

  • Clicks the start button (start button)

  • Right click on "computer" and select "Properties" as showen below:"

  • Another window will pop open. Click the link labeled "Device Manager" in the upper left corner.

  • The Windows Device Manager will now present you with a list of devices. Select/expand the Device labeled "Display adapters".

  • After you click on the Device "Display adapters" you will see a list of devices under it. Right click on the device/s and choose "Uninstall".

  • Reboot your computer and start up as you normally would.

Step 5: Install the VGA driver provided on the driver cd that was included in the box and follow the on screen instructions.

Note: This issue is typically cause by a computer end user or 3rd party software that may have incorrectly configure driver settings it may also be cause by a windows update.