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There is no sound coming from my i-945!

Cause - Speakers have been muted through On Screen Display buttons

If the volume bar in windows shows that the sound is not muted and the volume is up, then please refer to the following instructions to unmute the speakers.

1. On the front of the i-945 are the OSD (On Screen Display) buttons. Press the Menu button and use the arrow OSD buttons to navigate to Etc.

2. Once highlighted, press the SEL OSD button.

3. Navigate the menu with the arrow OSD buttons until MUTE is highlighted, then press the SEL OSD button.

4. Ensure the option for OFF is highlighted, then press the SEL OSD button followed by the EXIT OSD button.

5. When back on the miscellaneous menu, navigate to VOLUME, press the SEL OSD button, and set to personal preference.