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How do I clean the fingerprint reader?

Over time residue build up can prevent the fingerprint reader from performing optimally. Below are instructions on how to keep your fingerprint reader clean and protect against any risk of damage to the fingerprint reader.

How to Clean the Fingerprint Reader:
  • Apply the sticky side of an adhesive cellophane tape to the window and peel away, OR
  • Gently dab the fingerprint reader window with a cloth that has been dampened with a mild ammonia-based glass cleaner, for example Windex. Do not use paper!

Protect Against the Risk of Damage to Your Fingerprint Reader:
  • Do not pour any liquid directly on the reader window.
  • Do not use alcohol-based cleaners.
  • Never submerge the reader in liquid
  • Never rub the window with an abrasive material, including paper
  • Do not poke the window coating with your fingernail or any other item, such as a pen.
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