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Windows 8 and T10 Tablet Compatibility

In this article we will explain the compatibility of Windows 8 and the T10 tablet. While Windows 8 is compatible with the T10 tablet there are some features that may or may not work depending on the video driver used. Intel, who makes the video driver for the T10 chipset, hasn't released a video driver for Windows 8. However, Microsoft will allow the T10 tablet to work off a basic video driver. The basic driver supplied by Microsoft will cause three features to be disabled. First power management features such as sleep is disabled and you will not be able to use this mode. Second the HDMI port output will be limited to the tablet's screen resolution which would be 1024x768 along with only being able to mirror the tablet's screen. Lastly, the auto rotate feature will be disabled. All these features can be enabled though by installing the Intel video driver for Windows 7. However, by installing this driver it will cause Metro to not work properly and crash when used. Below is a summary of what the two different drivers will support along with how to tell which driver is installed.

Windows 8 + Basic Video Driver = Metro works
Windows 8 + Basic Video Driver = HDMI output restricted to screen resolution of 1024x768 and can only mirror the tablet's screen
Windows 8 + Basic Video Driver = Auto rotate does not work
Windows 8 + Basic Video Driver = Power Management Feautres don't work

Windows 8 + Intel Win 7 Driver = Metro will not work
Windows 8 + Intel Win 7 Driver = HDMI outputs full 1080p resolution along with full multi monitor support
Windows 8 + Intel Win 7 Driver = Auto rotate works
Windows 8 + Intel Win 7 Driver = Power Management Features work

Windows 8 Generic Driver Installed

Windows 8 With Intel Windows 7 Driver Installed