Cybernet and Bank Annapolis Keyboard PCs at Bank Branches

Bank Annapolis provides banking services for small businesses, professionals, and individuals at eight branches in Anne Arundel and Queen Anne’s Counties in Maryland. They offer a wide range of financial and banking services including checking, savings, loans, mortgages, home equity, and commercial real estate. Bank Annapolis is a true community bank that is locally owned and managed, emphasizing personalized banking and exceptional customer service for all of their customers.

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Just like many banks and financial institutions, Bank Annapolis used the standard tower PC systems at teller stations that were ubiquitous in the late 90s and early 2000s. The footprint of their PCs had a tendency to create clutter under the teller counters and become very dusty. Plus, the tangle of cables connecting everything only made cleaning the area even more difficult. Another factor for changing PCs, regular maintenance such as operating system or software updates required disconnecting all the towers at each branch and transporting them to the IT department, a long and involved process. It was time to declutter the teller workspace and find ways to streamline maintenance. The IT department researched alternative computing solutions, hoping to find a more compact PC or an all-in-one PC that had the processing power and the right operating system to run their banking software applications. They also wanted to find a PC that was reliable enough for 24/7 operation and was easy to install, maintain, and update.

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Luckily, the IT department at Bank Annapolis found an advertisement in a banking publication for Cybernet’s early model of the ZPC keyboard PC line, the Elite. It appeared to be small, streamlined, and just what they were looking for, so they ordered a demo unit and tested it for several weeks. The Elite keyboard computer was only slightly thicker than a regular keyboard, but contained the entire computer inside —- no need for towers or USB hubs or a nest of wires in the back. This lightweight form factor also meant that when it came time for maintenance or updates, a frequent thorn in the side of Bank Annapolis, the entire computer (read: keyboard) could be simply picked up and carried to the IT department without sinking elbow-deep in under-desk dust or getting a hernia from heavy lifting. Seeing the potential of these devices, Bank Annapolis decided to move forward with purchase and installation. These Cybernet ZPC keyboard computers were ordered in large numbers and replaced the teller computers at several branches.

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When the tellers were first introduced to the new Cybernet Elite keyboard PCs, they actually asked where the computers were. Once it was explained to the tellers that everything they needed was in the keyboard itself, they took to them right away. The Cybernet all-in-one keyboard PCs have proved so popular with their tellers and employees that Bank Annapolis has consistently upgraded to the newest model of Cybernet keyboard PCs. They started with the ZPC Elite and then moved to the ZPC-GX31, and even the new ZPC-H6 once it was released. Their appreciation of the solutions offered by the Cybernet keyboard computers has created a solid partnership over the years. From the Elites to the ZPC-GX31 and now the ZPC-H6, the tellers are excited about the keyboard PCs, and frequently receive compliments from the bank’s customers about how cool they look. Not only is this a nice compliment, but it shows the bank customers that Bank Annapolis is efficient, always looking forward, and on the cutting edge of computing technology.
Cybernet’s ZPC keyboard PCs have the 24/7 reliability we need for banking operations, are super easy to transport and maintain, and lower our total cost of ownership.  

- M.H., VP of Technology

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