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Scrap Metal Recycling Softwar Dev Picks Cybernet for Payment Kiosks

ScrapIT has been in business for 23 years, providing unique software for scrapyards and similar recycling operations. Their software is intended to provide their clients’ yard operations with streamlined service. ScrapIT Software is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and serves clients around the world.

Challenge Icon Challenge

ScrapIT had previously used the Zebra MK4000 micro kiosk as a platform for their software: allowing scrapyard customers to scan their receipt in with a barcode reader and get the cash for their scrap metal without having to rely on a flesh-and-blood cashier.
The MK4000 used a niche Windows CE operating system, and when Zebra changed SKUs, ScrapIT needed to update their software. They decided to use the opportunity to switch to a Windows-based hardware system instead of one based on Windows CE which would allow them greater flexibility in hardware choices. In order to achieve a truly streamlined solution, ScrapIT Software needed a Windows tablet with an integrated barcode scanner and a touchscreen.
In addition, the new tablets needed to work seamlessly with the kiosks themselves (basically just safes with cash dispensers attached). They needed to communicate with ScrapIT’s servers at their Toronto headquarters – sometimes from as far away as New Zealand – so that the ScrapIT team could accurately collect the data and dispense cash in the proper amounts. And they needed to be simple to operate, so that anyone who brought in their scrap metal could scan the barcode, sign the screen and quickly get their money.

Solution Icon Solution

After looking at a number of manufacturers, ScrapIT determined that the Cybernet T10C Windows Tablet PC was just what they had in mind. Its integrated barcode scanner and sensitive touchscreen were built into the tablet itself – preventing any trouble with awkward accessories – and its VESA-compatible mount permitted individual units to be placed anywhere convenient at the location in question.
The T10C was also fully Windows compatible, allowing ScrapIT to remotely install their software upgrades quickly into the new tablets. The use of industrial grade components and the long lifecycle of the T10C also meant that the units would survive any rough handling on site.

Results Icon Results

ScrapIT reported that the transition was quite easy and that the units functioned without a hitch. The integrated barcode scanner allowed the tablets to quickly read the customer’s receipts, and the touchscreen surface let them sign for their cash and receive their money in seconds. All of that data seamlessly transferred back to ScrapIT’s headquarters, where the servers could record it and make sure the dispensed cash was 100% accurate. Perhaps most importantly, the operation was simple and easy to follow, keeping ScrapIT’s clients happy by ensuring that their customers could efficiently deliver used scrap metal and receive payment swiftly. The company reports zero complaints from their clients and to date has had no hardware failures at any site. 

My customers don't tell me when things work, they only yell at me when things don't work. So if nobody's yelling at me, that means everything is working properly.

- Lorne Cohen, President