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Security Company Replaces iPads Chooses Cybernet 10" All in One PC

AD High Tech Solutions is a technology company specializing in video surveillance. Headquartered in Huntingdon Valley, PA, ADHT focuses on providing small to medium sized businesses a single solution for integrating all video and communication systems.

Challenge Icon Challenge

ADHT had a customer that was using in-wall video monitoring stations for resident property surveillance. The solution was relying on iPads as the embedded device, however they were running into several problems. First and foremost, the iPads couldn’t handle the stress of 24x7 operation. Also, because iOS isn’t compatible with Windows, ADHT wasn’t able to connect the in-wall system to their remote monitoring software to provide routine software updates, patches and maintenance.
ADHT needed to find a solution that could fit flush into the existing enclosure to maintain the aesthetics of the monitoring station. They needed a device that was built for 24x7 use in order to prevent the need for regular repairs and replacements. Lastly, they needed a device that had a responsive touchscreen and was Windows based to allow ADHT remote access for IT maintenance.

Solution Icon Solution

After searching a number of commercial grade options without finding any that could manage 24x7 operation, the team at ADHT discovered Cybernet. After conducting a project assessment with the product management team at Cybernet, it was determined that the CyberMed M10 would be a good fit.
ADHT requested one unit as a demo, and thanks the customizability of the unit, were able to easily retrofit the M10 into the recessed wall enclosure, providing a flush fit. The responsive touchscreen was well received as well.
Despite the fact that the CyberMed M10 is a computer, rather than a tablet, its compact build, fanless design and use of industrial grade components made it perfect for 24x7 operation. The unit also was compatible with Windows 10, 8 and 7, meaning ADHT’s technicians had easy remote access for software updates and maintenance.

Results Icon Results

After retrofitting the enclosure the M10 was a perfect fit and performed flawlessly for ADHT’s client. The units also performed exactly as hoped, making the client happy as well. In fact, the units have performed so well for ADHT they have decided to order more units to use for some of their other clients who have similar surveillance configurations.

We love how flush against the wall this computer fits. It fits perfectly well in the recessed wall enclosure where we previously had the iPads.

- Michael Campbell, IT Technical Engineer