Members Credit Union and Cybernet A Long History of ZPC Keyboard PCs

Members Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. They offer a full range of financial services: checking, savings, CDs, IRAs, credit, and other loans. Compared to banks they charge lower fees, offer lower loan rates, and deliver higher interest on deposits. MCU was founded in 1953 and now has over 50,000 members and 18 branches. MCU’s primary stated mission is to improve the financial well-being of their members.

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Most credit unions and banks used a standard PC tower configuration for their back-office operations, tellers, and loan officers; Members Credit Union was no different. This configuration included the computer, the monitor, desktop, keyboard, and all of the various cables connecting them to each other. Their current computer situation created a number of problems, including massive clutters of tangled cables, peripherals clogging up workspaces, and half-a-dozen points of failure on any given desk or teller station through their offices. However, in the 2003 and 2004 timeframe, their IT department decided it was time to pivot to a more space-saving solution for their credit union employees. Secondly, they also wanted to do a consistent deployment of PCs throughout the organization to ease the IT burden; it’s easier to support one standardized type of PC than multiple brands and configurations. Their needs were clear: a computer system with a small footprint and one they could order en mass from a single vendor.

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Member’s Credit Union found an ad for a Cybernet all-in-one keyboard PC and decided it was the perfect solution to both their space-saving and standardization concerns. The IT department at Member’s Credit Union started out with Cybernet’s ZPC “Elite” model in 2004. The Cybernet ZPC was one of the world’s first keyboard computers, which is a computer that is contained entirely within a large keyboard. Then, all the user or IT tech needs to do is to plug in the power, connect the monitor to the keyboard, and start working. Mice and other peripherals can be plugged right into the keyboard itself - there’s no need for a bulky tower or a nest of cables. After testing the ZPC, the IT department deployed them throughout their offices and branches: in the back office, at teller and loan stations, and at the desks of the administrative and accounting offices. Out went the towers cluttering up the teller stations or the leg-space beneath the desk, and in went the keyboard PCs with the tiny footprint and easy installation.

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As operating systems changed and the need for faster processors arose, MCU went back to Cybernet each time to purchase the newest model of the ZPC keyboard PCs. After starting with the ZPC “Elite” model, they then purchased the ZPC 9004 model, then the ZPC-GX31, and most recently the ZPC-H6 model. That’s a 10-year history of Members Credit Union using Cybernet keyboard PCs. Presently, about 25% of their branches have the newest model, the ZPC-H6, and the remainder will be receiving them in the near future. The IT Department’s decision to standardize on the Cybernet keyboard PCs made it easier to deploy and maintain PCs across all 18 branches. It saved them a lot of time, and the reliability and Cybernet’s superior technical support keeps their branches up and running 24/7. The users of the ZPC-GX31 and ZPC-H6 keyboard PCs like the clutter-free work space; some employees have even asked about getting a ZPC to use at home. Members Credit Union found a winning solution with the ZPC line of keyboard PCs from Cybernet.
We decided to standardize on Cybernet’s all-in-one keyboard PCs since 2004 because they are easy to deploy and maintain, they save a lot of space, and have the ideal performance for our credit union operations.  

- M.B., Director of IT

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