As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to grow. It’s important to evaluate every aspect of your business periodically to ensure things are running as smoothly as possible, from the offices right down to the warehouse. Warehouse optimization is vitally important — it’s the crux of every business and perhaps the greatest factor in optimizing business growth. Here are a few ways you can enhance warehouse operations to help grow your business even when dealing with an issue like warehouse shortage

Keep Up With Machine Maintenance

It may seem obvious, but the warehouse means nothing if the machines don’t work properly. Check for wear and tear on a set schedule and keep a checklist so that the job is always performed thoroughly. According to Integral Strategic Solutions, vibrations, high temperatures, and friction are all indicators that a machine is on its way out.

Require a system of cleaning as you go if you haven’t already, and consider enforcing station inspections before a worker can leave for the day.

Create Incentive Pay Programs

We all know money is the best motivator, so offering some extra cash to your employees is a great way to boost morale, productivity, and sales. For instance, you can set (team and individual) goals to be met each month or quarter with a monetary reward. The options are practically endless. Though you might not want to give up the money, keep in mind that unhappy workers will drive up your costs.

Evaluate Operational Practices

It’s always helpful to check up on the actual processes of the warehouse to see if there are any opportunities for improvement. Start by looking up and around: consider the layout and lighting of the space. Have once-tidy areas become a tripping hazard? Is the lighting too dark?

Next, evaluate the processes themselves. Consider implementing change where appropriate, whether you’ve outgrown a certain element of operations or you simply see room for improvement. After a month or two of applying these new rules, go back and reassess. Is the new system working, or does it need adjustment? Be willing to experiment as you may not find the solution on your first try.

Making all these processes easier is an industrial tablet. Its portability makes it easy to move about the warehouse to keep track of inventory or to do quality control on the wares coming in and going out. Built-in RFID readers or barcode scanners make the job as simple as a swipe of the table to the box or label. You can even have employees clock in and out through the tablet. 

All that data makes it a breeze when evaluating your operational practices. 

Get Organized 

You cannot be successful without proper organization — that’s a fact. Your warehouse should be organized from top to bottom, side to side. On the floor, the tools should be hung in designated places, machinery parked in the correct areas, cleaning supplies kept in the same closets, etc.

The warehouse office should reflect the same organization: all files are updated and stored in their respective cabinets, paperwork should be organized, and a calendar with company goals should be present.

Organization comes down to keeping everyone on track, and a process map template is helpful in allowing you and your team to analyze the processes and outcomes of the projects people are working on. It makes it easier for everyone to stay organized and productive, and it’s an easy way to boost growth.

Invest In Tech

Don’t use outdated technology — all computer systems, including those on items like scanners, need to be up-to-date. Shop around to see which systems are right for your warehouse and offices, consulting both floor managers and employees. It’s crucial to speak to the people who work in the warehouse day in and day out; they often have the best insight.

The machines will need to be evaluated by a professional to see if the time is right to upgrade. Some will need to be upgraded right away — often for safety reasons — and others may have a little more juice left in them, saving you money.

Be sure to allow time for all employees to be properly trained on new machinery and software. Things may seem to slow down at first, but as workers become used to the new systems, your productivity will soon be at a higher optimization. Putting together informative training videos with stock footage can be one of the best ways to execute training. When looking for stock video, be sure to prioritize quality and cost. Royalty-free video is great for this purpose.

All these investments in technology – and training to use it – make it that much easier for that big leap into automating your warehouses. Functions like picking products, preparing them for shipment, or other routines can be handled by industrial robots or similar machines. This frees employees to concentrate on more complex tasks and projects which ultimately help your company grow and prosper.

Some don’t realize how important warehouse operations are in growing a business, but the truth is it starts all the way from the bottom. If you’re looking to boost your company’s growth, you have to begin at the roots: warehouse operations. Prioritize machine maintenance, create incentives for your workers, evaluate your operations and organization, and invest in any necessary tech. All of these tasks pave the way for a brighter future.

Closing Comment

The best businesses should periodically look at their processes to make sure everything is functioning smoothly or is in readiness for major change like growth. For businesses with warehouses or similar storage facilities, these processes should include optimization through technology and training.  

Contact an expert at Cybernet if your business is looking to optimize and how industrial computers and tablets can assist in doing so. 

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