In every industry today, the integration of computers with Internet access has become indispensable. From accessing a patient’s medical records to managing an assembly line or conducting a lesson plan for students, workers around the world see better results when they have a keyboard and computing power at their fingertips. 

But for some workers, being rooted at a static computer workstation isn’t an option. Healthcare providers, for instance, must move between patients in a hospital. Carrying a traditional desktop PC is out of the question, and while laptops and tablets offer mobility, they often lack the functionality of a full-fledged PC. Furthermore, using a laptop or tablet can limit a worker’s ability to multitask or perform other necessary job functions simultaneously.

The solution to this problem is a Workstation on Wheels, or WOW cart. WOW carts give workers all the power and flexibility of a PC combined with a mobile platform that lets them take their work with them wherever they go. 

What Is a WOW Cart?

A Workstation on Wheels Cart—also known as Mobile Workstation or Mobile Computer Cart—is a small, portable cart ergonomically designed to carry a computer, its peripheral devices, and whatever else an employee might need while fulfilling their duties. 

WOW carts offer a worker all the benefits of a dedicated computer workstation while still being mobile. This means employees can still access the Internet, their organization’s database and resources, programs that their work requires, and more without being tied to a single spot. 

Mobile workstation carts are a vital fixture in multiple industries. Healthcare is a major user, but WOW carts can be found in warehouses, retail stores, manufacturing facilities, and more. 

Components of WOW Carts

  • Mobile Base: The key component of a WOW cart is, of course, its mobile base. This set of wheels allows the worker to push it from place to place. These wheels will typically implement a set of brakes that allow employees to lock the cart in place while working. 
  • Work Surface: A large, flat work surface attached to the cart functions like a standard workstation desk. This surface can support a computer’s mouse and keyboard, as well as paperwork, other devices the worker might need, and more.  
  • Power Supply: Obviously, a computer needs power to function. Some carts will carry an integrated power supply close to the cart’s base to lower its center of gravity and make it easier to push. However, some carts are non-powered and instead require smaller rechargeable batteries that swap in and out of the computer itself to save weight and space.
  • Storage Compartments: These are used to store whatever devices, tools, papers, or other objects a worker may need during their shift. For example, healthcare providers will use WOW carts to dispense medication during their shift, with each patient’s medication stored in its own compartment. 
  • Ergonomic Features: Design features like height adjustment, adjustable monitor mounts, and the ability to support a standing or sitting position are critical for worker safety and comfort. The use of lightweight but durable materials like plastic or aluminum reduces the overall weight of the cart and makes it easier for the worker to push the cart throughout their shift. 

Benefits of Implementing WOW Carts

  • Enhanced Mobility and Flexibility: The most significant advantage of a WOW cart over a conventional workstation is its mobility. Taking a computer and any required accessories from place to place allows employees to cover multiple points as needed. 
  • Improved Productivity: A single worker with a mobile workstation cart can cover multiple worksites or duties. Additionally, using WOW carts means that each individual worksite doesn’t require its own dedicated computer, saving money on redundant equipment. 
  • Ergonomic Advantages: Different workers obviously have different body shapes and will find different workstation configurations comfortable. With adjustable height settings and monitor mounts, workers can configure their cart to what works for them rather than be stuck with a one-size-fits-all physical desk. 
  • Space Optimization: Because employees can take their WOW carts where needed, they no longer require dedicated workstations at every site. This saves space at each location and is particularly valuable in environments with limited space, leaving room for other critical equipment. 
  • Infection Control (in healthcare settings): One of the most critical factors in the healthcare sector is infection control and the prevention of the spread of pathogens. WOW carts are easier and more convenient for staff to clean and disinfect at the end of the day.

Applications of WOW Carts Across Industries

WOW carts find extensive applications across a wide range of industries due to their mobility, flexibility, and versatility. Here are some notable applications of WOW carts in different sectors:


Healthcare providers heavily favor mobile carts, especially for patient charting, distributing medicine, and telemedicine. A mobile workstation allows a provider to access a patient’s EHR (electronic health record) as they move from bed to bed while using a barcode scanner integrated into the cart’s computer to sign out medication. 

Lastly, if a healthcare provider is off-site, they can use remote communication software to observe and monitor patients through the cart’s computer. With telemedicine becoming increasingly popular in the healthcare sector, this application will only become more important as time goes on. 


Manufacturing is another major user of Mobile Workstation Carts. The most typical application of WOW carts in this sector is for ensuring assembly line efficiency, with workers moving the cart from machine to machine as they inspect them. 

They are also commonly used for inventory tracking. So, for example, when receiving new materials, workers enter information about the materials into the company’s database and ensure their supply chain records remain current. 


WOW carts also see frequent use in the education field. Here, they serve as mobile teaching stations, with teachers able to move the computer from classroom to classroom and student to student as needed. They also allow students to engage in collaborative learning without relying on a fixed computer and can be taken out of the classroom when they aren’t required. 

Other Industries

  • Retail companies often use WOW carts for inventory management. As packaged goods and products are brought into a store or warehouse, workers can use a WOW cart’s computer, barcode scanner, and printer to update their inventory and confirm shipments have arrived.
  • WOW carts help warehouse workers track inventory, manage stock levels, and update the status of goods in real time. Moreover, WOW carts can be used for order picking, packing, and labeling, streamlining the fulfillment process.
  • Emergency responders can deploy WOW carts in disaster-stricken areas to establish temporary communication hubs and provide critical services.
  • In laboratories, researchers and scientists can use WOW carts to transport equipment and conduct experiments in lab settings, maintaining data integrity.

Choosing the Right WOW Cart

If you’ve decided to purchase WOW carts for your business, you’ll need to consider several different factors. 

First and foremost, what are the specific requirements of your industry and the environment in which the cart will operate? For instance, being able to disinfect surfaces easily is a critical concern in the healthcare industry. Any carts used in a hospital or private practice should be made of materials that can handle harsh disinfectants (including any computers or devices used with the workstation). 

Size and dimensions are another concern; can your choice of cart fit through doorways and navigate its intended workspace? It may be wise to procure a test model or two just to make sure your staff can actually use it, and you don’t end up in the embarrassing situation of owning a mobile cart that can’t go anywhere. 

The last major factor for WOW carts is the power supply option and whether you choose a powered or non-powered cart. Powered carts feature a built-in battery that provides power to the cart’s computer and other devices. On the other hand, non-powered carts lack this feature, meaning the cart’s electronics depend on their own internal batteries. 

The advantage of powered carts is that the batteries they carry provide more power for longer periods of time. However, these batteries add extra weight to the cart, making it more taxing to push around throughout the day. Non-powered carts are lighter, but forcing electronic devices to rely on their own batteries shortens how long they can go before needing to recharge. You’ll have to consider the intended application for your WOW carts and decide if you need more operational time or easier mobility. 

There are also key features of the cart you should consider that make using it more convenient. 

  • Brakes: The most obvious feature is the brake, which prevents the cart from rolling unintentionally, ensuring stability during use. 
  • Cable Management: Another critical quality-of-life feature for WOW carts is cable management—it prevents cables from getting in the way. Because the last thing you’d want is to run over and get tangled on one of your own computer cables. 
  • Ergonomics: Look for features like adjustable height and monitor mounts to ensure employee comfort. 
  • Battery Life: If you’re choosing a powered cart, you’ll want to look for one that offers as much time as possible before needing to recharge. 

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