SV31lcd-nurse_webMedical carts are the most frequently used equipment in hospitals and healthcare units. When purchasing medical carts for your facility, there are a number of things you’ll want to consider to ensure that the purchase is suitable for your medical staff, as well as patients.

Clunky designs lead to awkward postures for both patients and staff members, which can cause uncomfortable, twisted, hyper-extended and flexed body positions. Look for carts that fit well into the workflow of your facility, and are free from ergonomics and design flaws. Functionality, usability, and ergonomics are equally important.

One of the biggest challenges for medical clinics, healthcare centers, and hospitals is transporting medical supplies and sensitive equipment from one place to another. A mobile medical cart is a simple solution. From cardiac emergencies to remote anesthesia administration, carts designed with portability in mind provide medical personnel with the required tools and equipment necessary to respond to emergencies effectively.

Provisions for Adding Medical Computers
From routine check-ups to emergency heart procedures, it’s no secret that healthcare facilities are heavily dependent on medical grade computers. This dependence is only going to increase as technology advances. When purchasing the next generation of medical carts for your healthcare facility, ensure that they are designed with the flexibility to have medical computers mounted on them.

Rechargeable Batteries
Medical carts fitted with rechargeable batteries are ideal for use in demanding field operations and rescue situations. If your plan is to deploy your carts in both in-house and on-field medical settings, make sure the model you select comes fitted with rechargeable batteries so your staff members will have an uninterrupted power supply. After all, an hour of backup power might just be the key difference between precious human lives being saved or lost.

CareLink-cartPeripherals and Accessories
Most medical carts are accessorized with bins and shelves. Double check that the medical cart you purchase supports add-ons like document holders, keyboard light covers, and other items staff members regularly use.

Conformity to Medical Standards
Medical grade devices are expected to conform to certain operational and safety standards. Medical carts are no exception. For the deployment in near-patient and critical care settings, it is important that the medical grade cart you select conforms to international performance standards.

The Cybernet Advantage
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