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Computers for Architects

Empower your business and accelerate your team's workflow with specialized computers for architects from Cybernet Manufacturing.

Support Collaboration

Architecture intersects with multiple other disciplines and business sectors. That's why we designed our computers for architects with collaboration as a top priority.

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Responsive Touch Screen

Compatible with finger or stylus inputs and capable of registering multi-touch inputs to better foster teamwork.

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178° Viewing Angle

With nearly perfect visibility from any angle, your team can easily collaborate from the same screen.

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High-Resolution Display

The display's 1920x1080 resolution lets you review every design element or image in crystal-clear detail.

Ample Processing Power

Computers for architects need to be able to simulate complex 3D models and run multiple programs at once. That's why we packed as much power as possible into our computers, with features like:

Intel Processors

We exclusively use Intel processors, thanks to their proven performance and reliability.

Memory to Spare

With up to 64GB of RAM, you'll always have more than enough memory for your programs and applications.

Windows and Linux Compatibility

Select your preferred operating system for maximum flexibility.

Customizable Architect Computers

Explore Cybernet's computers for architects, available in different screen sizes, processor options, and peripheral add-ons.

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