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EMR Computers

Streamline your healthcare services and improve patient outcomes with our industry-best EMR computers.

Designed for Better Patient Outcomes

Cybernet's purpose-built EMR computers make digitizing patient data incredibly easy and secure, taking your workflow efficiency to the next level.

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Customizable software options ensure compatibility with Epic or any other EMR system you use.

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A wide range of access control and privacy features keeps you compliant with HIPAA regulations.

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Power to Spare

Powerful Intel processors and up to 64GB of RAM can support whatever programs you implement.

Advanced Features

Engineered for the unique demands of the healthcare sector, our EMR computers outperform consumer-grade options in several critical ways.

Data Security

Imprivata encryption, multi-factor authentication, and other security measures keep your patients' data safe.


Access your EMR system both via Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections for better connectivity.


Our computers are medically certified, sealed against dust and liquids, and compatible with various devices.

Customizable EMR Computers

Explore Cybernet's EMR computers, available in different screen sizes, processor options, and peripheral add-ons.

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