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CyberMed-Rx & Rugged-X10 Front Panel Buttons

Both the CyberMed-Rx and Rugged-X10 tablets have a set of buttons on the front panel. These buttons are used to interact with some specific and some programmable functions in Windows.

Center Windows logo button.

This is a dual function button. When in Windows, if this button is pressed and released quickly, it acts as the Start button, which will cause the Start Menu to show. When in Windows and the button is pressed then held for 3 seconds, a Ctrl+Alt+Del command is sent, which will bring up the Task Manager screen.

If the current login policy requires a Ctrl+Alt+Del sequence to be sent, the center Windows logo button can act as a Microsoft Security Button by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds.

Buttons A & C

Buttons A & C act as the volume up and down for Windows

Buttons B & D

These two buttons are programmable using the Visual C++ files attached to this article.