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How do I Create a Backup of my PC?

If using Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Ultimate, or any version of Windows 7, a disc backup of the entire system can be created using the Windows Backup and Restore Center. This backup can be used to restore the system in case of a hard disk failure, Operating System corruption, etc. To complete the backup, an external hard disk or several empty writable DVDs or CDs will be required.

1. Click the Start button
2. Select the Control Panel
3. Select System Maintenance (System and Security for Windows 7 users)
4. Click the Backup and Restore Center
5. For Vista, click the Backup Computer button. Select One or more DVDs then click Next. The following screen will advise how many blank DVDs will be needed to create the restore point.
6. For Windows 7, in the left column will be the options Create a System Image or Create a System Repair Disc. Choose the preferred method, then follow the prompts.

Be sure to store the backup in a safe place for emergency purposes. For more information on the Windows Vista Backup and Restore center, please click here. For the Windows 7 backup and Restore center, please click here.