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How do I disable the Touchpad on the ZPC-GX31?

The Touch Pad mouse can be disabled in Windows or in the CMOS Setup Utility.

A) To disable the Touch Pad in Windows, ensure the Synaptics driver has been installed on the machine; if it was purchased from Cybernet with an Operating System it will be.

1. If the unit was purchased without an Operating System, the Synaptics driver is located in the downloads section of and on the driver CD that shipped with the unit.

2. Once the driver has been installed, open the Control Panel and double click the icon for Mouse properties. Click to the Synaptics Touch Pad tab (Device Settings) and click disable to turn off the device.

B) To disable the Touch Pad using the CMOS Setup Utility, turn on the machine and begin repeatedly pressing the delete key until the CMOS Setup Utility appears.

1. Navigate to the heading labeled Boot and locate the option for Mouse Select at the bottom of the page. This option can be toggled between Touch Pad or PS/2 Mouse.

2. This option is available only if the machine has the latest BIOS version installed (1.30 as of this writing); if your unit does not have this version please download the latest BIOS (see attachment file) and place it on a Bootable USB Flash Drive; additional instructions for flashing the BIOS are contained within the zip file.