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How To Disable The Card Reader On A ZPC-H6

In this article we will be explaining on how to disable the card reader. This is typically used as a security measure for public computers. In order to do this the ZPC-H6 will need to be opened up and a cable will need to be slightly modified. If you aren't comfortable with the modification we would recommend you not try this. If damage to the cable is done it will not be covered under warranty.

Locate the cable highlighted in the picture below as this is the cable that needs to be modified.
Now you will notice that the cable is currently connected to both set of pins. When ou disconnect the cable you will notice that it is keyed with one of the squares blocked.
With a small tool with a sharp point you will need to open the one closed square. We recommend a fine tip screw driver and basically twist the screwdriver to break through the plastic. The plastic is just a cover so not much pressure is needed to make the hole.
Your cable should now look similar to the picture below with the plastic cover now having enough space for one of the pins on the motherboard to fit through it.
Now you need to connect the cable back to the motherboard. You will only use one set of the 4 pins on the motherboard. The plastic cover which was at the top set of pins should be shifted to the bottom 4 pins. Basically half the cable is now connected to the motherboard. As you can see in the picture below the red rectangle shows the top 3 pins plus the empty spot is now not connected with the cable. Now the smart card reader is disabled.