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How to Disable Touch Function on CyberMed-H22 and CyberMed-N22

Touch can be disabled on the CyberMed-H22 and CyberMed-N22 by performing two operations. The first is to uninstall any touch software on your unit. The touch software for the CyberMed-H22 and CyberMed-N22 is called eGalaxTouch. This is just a standard software uninstall from Control Panel. You should see an entry like the one below. After the software is uninstalled, you will need to reboot your unit.

The second thing we will need to do is disable the actual touch controller in Device Manager. Left click the Start button, right click Copmuter and select Properties.

From the System Properties window, select Device Manager.

When Device Manager opens, you will want to expand the Hunman Interface Devices heading. Your unit may have more or less devices listed under this heading, depending on what is connected to your unit.

What we need to do now is determine which of the "HID-compliant devices" is the touch controller. We can do this by looking at the Hardware ID for the devices. Double click or right click the device and select Properties. When the properties windows pops up, select the Details tab form the top, then Hardware Ids from the drop down. At this point you ar looking at the top line under value. You are looking for the HID-compiant device with this exact value: HID\VID_0EE&PID_0001&REV_0100&Col02

Once you have found the HID-comliant device that matches the string exactly, it is just a matter of disabling the device. Close the properties window. Right click the appropriate HID-compliant device and select Disable. You will receive a warning message

Once the correct HID-compliant device has been disabled, you should see a little black arrow on the devices icon, which shows that is no longer turned on.

In the future, if you decide to turn touch back on, just right click the HID-comliant device that is disabled and set it to Enabled, re-install the eGalaxTouch software and calibrate the touch glass.