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How to install a TPM module into your Cybernet unit.

This knowledge base article applies to the following Cybernet units:


This article does not cover opening any specific models, but all of the models covered by this knowledge base are opened in a very similar fashion. Remove base/mount screws, remove rear housing screws, remove I/O plate screws and remove metal cage screws.

Other Cybernet units will accept a TPM module, but the header location is different depending on the model of the unit.
In the image below, you will see the TPM module for the above listed units. What we want to take note of on the module itself is the keyed pin hole location, shown below. This blocked pin hole is important to make sure the module is installed in the correct orientation.
Now let's take a look at the motherboard itself. The TPM module will connected to the motherboard jumper labeled JTPM1. This jumper is located on the top of the motherboard near the network ports. The jumper pins stick straight up from the motherboard and then are bent in a 90° angle, so the TPM module lays flat. Once you located JTPM1, you will see the keyed pin on the bottom row of pins. as shown below.
All we need to do now is line up the keyed pin and hole and seat the TPM module all the way. When you are done, inspect that the TPM module is flush and straight, as shown below. Once everything looks correct, you can close your unit back up.
After you have closed your unit back up, you will want to enter the BIOS to enable the TPM module. To do this, just press the Del key repeatedly, when you see the Cybernet splash screen, until you enter the BIOS. If your unit loads into Windows, you just need to restart the unit and press the Del key faster starting when the Cybernet splash screen shows up.

Once in the BIOS, press the right arrow four times, to get to the Security tab. You will see an entry at the bottom for "TPM SUPPORT." This entry should be set to Disabled by default. Press Enter to change the entry to Enabled. Once the TPM SUPPORT entry is set to Enabled, you will want to press the right arrow to move one tab over to Exit. Select "Save & Exit Setup."
Now that the TPM module is enabled in the BIOS, there isn't any other installation or configuration. You can now go about the rest of your OS configuration.