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How to Install a Webcam Into the CyberMed-H22/N22

In order to install a webcam into the CyberMed H22 or CyberMed N22, you will need a medium sized Phillip's head screwdriver and a medium sized flat head screwdriver.

Start with a large flat work surface that is clear of any debris that could scratch the touch glass. If a pad or bubble wrap is available, lay that down on the work space for extra protection. Lay the unit face down and remove the base and rear cover if your unit has those. The base has 4 screws and the cover has two.

Now we will want to remove all of the rear screws. There are 14 screws that are under rubber covers and two at the bottom by the I/O ports.

We have found the best thing to do with the rubber covers so they don't get lost is just to lightly stick them next to screw holes they go over.

Once you have all of the screws removed, you will use the flat head screw driver to pop open the bottom of the unit. You will see 5 slots running along the bottom. We recommend you start with the middle or one in from the outside slots, then work your way out.

Once the bottom has been opened using the slots, you will want to grasp one side or the other by the rail that the rear cover slides onto and pull straight up and repeat this on the other side. The only place it will be connected at this point is on the top. Just pull upwards to remove the cover and set it to the side.

Now the screws for the middle of the rear housing can be seen. There will be either 8 or 9 screws holding it in place. In the image below you will see the screws marked with red dots, except the lower right is marked with blue. If your unit has an internal battery, this screw will not be present.

Once these screws have been removed, the rear housing will lift up easily, if you have a CyberMed-H22. If you have a CyberMed-N22, the rear middle part will be metal. This is a large heat sink that is held in place with some thermal pads. You will want to pull straight up to release it. With the CyberMed-H22, when you lift up the middle pieces, you will find a fan connected form the middle piece to the motherboard. Note where it connects on the motherboard, disconnect it and put the parts to the side.

We are now ready to install the webcam. Start by feeding the end of the cable through the hole in the middle of the top of the internal chassis. In the image below, the header we are goign to connect the webcam to is in a red box.

Connect the cable to the motherboard into either of the designated headers. Then pull the cable slack through the hole in the chassis.

Slide the webcam bracket under the wireless antenna cables, if your unit has wireless. Then slide your screw driver through the holes on the top of the chasiss to screw the webcam/bracket assembly in place.

The last thing we need to do is secure the webcam cable by taping it in place.

And now we just need to reverse the process to put the unit back together. So, the first thing we will do is reconnect the fan cable and placing the middle pieces back in placed. Ifyou have the CyberMed-N22, just place the middle pieces straight down.

Replace all of the screws in the middle pieces of the housing, being sure to not put a screw in the blue hole if you have an internal battery.

Now you will replace the larger outside rear housing. It is important to reverse the order in which we removed the housing. So, you will want to press the top into place, then one of the sides and finally the bottom of the unit.

If you run into a spot where the two halves of the housing will not clip together, you will just want to press on what would be the rear housing, just above the clip grooves as shown in the image below.

Now all you need to do is replace the rear housing screws and put the rubber covers in place. If your unit has a rear plastic cover and/or base, replace those parts and you are done.