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How to Reseat the Optical Drive Cable for the ZPC-D5

The following procedure will walk you through opening a ZPC-D5 and reseating the cables for the optical drive. To perform this procedure you will need a small Phillips head screwdriver and a very small flat head screwdriver.

Start by turning the unit over and removing the screws in the red circles then the screws in the purple circles. The purple screws are shorter than the red.

Next remove the metal plate and remove the last red screw.

Turn the unit back over. At the top of key matrix, you will see four little clips. These hold the key matrix down. Use the small flat head screwdriver to push the clips up towards the top, while gently pulling up on a top row key.

For example start with the top left clip and gently lift on the F2 key. Once the clip is up far enough, the corner of the key matrix will lift up. Move to the second clip, using the same method. Once the second clip is released, you should be able to lift under the actual key matrix, rather than a key. Continue releasing the key matrix with the last two clips.

Once all the key matrix is free, the bottom will slide out of the retaining slots. At this point you can carefully rotate the key matrix 90 degrees counter clockwise. This will expose the last of the screws. There are three more red size screws and a single shorter screw, circled in purple.

Once the last of the screws are out, you will rotate the key matrix back to the original position, then rotate both the key matrix and key top counter clockwise 90 degrees, which will expose the optical drive. The ends of the rainbow colored cable are what need to be reseated. Just unplugged the cable and then reconnect it, to make sure there is a good connection.

All that needs to be done now is to reverse this procedure to put the unit back together.