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What type of touch technology do the i-One-series PCs have?

When purchased with the touch screen option, all of the iOne-series PCs utilize a 5-Wire Resistive touch glass panel; the iOne-GX31 model uses a USB touch controller and the i-945 and M661S use a serial touch controller. The MP171 and MP172 have a USB touch controller integrated to the motherboard.

In addition, some of the latest Cybernet models have multi-touch capability:

iOne-GX45: 5-wire resistive single touch, USB touch controller

iOne-G4: 5-wire resistive single touch and 4-finger multi-touch, USB touch controller

iOne-H5: 5-wire resistive single touch, 4-finger and 10-finger multi-touch, USB touch controller

Cybermed: Capacitive multi-touch, USB touch controller