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Why am I receiving the error 'Media Test Failure' upon boot-up?

Cause - Various reasons could cause this issue

If upon boot the unit displays an error stating there is a Media Test Failure, this means the PC is trying to boot into PXE mode. PXE mode is when the computer boots from the LAN (network port), which can be used for various purposes.

1. Be sure to check the boot sequence in the BIOS to ensure LAN is not the first option.

2. For the iOne-GX31 family of Space-Saving-PCs, ensure optimal defaults have been loaded.

3. Then navigate to the Chipset heading and choose options for the South Bridge. Ensure both Onboard LAN controllers are enabled (see southbridge.JPG) and press F10 to save and exit.

4. Once BIOS settings are confirmed and the BIOS menu has been closed, press Shift+F10 when the Realtek Boot Agent message appears to load the Boot Agent Configuration Menu.

5. Ensure the NIC is set to INT18H, which means it will boot based on BIOS settings (see boot agent.jpg).

6. Once confirmed, press F4 to exit.

7. If using the iOne-GX31, this unit has two NIC ports so this step will need to be completed twice. Press Shift+F10 immediately after pressing F4 the first time, and it should bring up the same screen for the second NIC.

8. After changes have been made, reboot the system. It should now load the installed operating system.

9. If not, then there may be an issue with the hard drive and/or an Operating System has not been installed.