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All-In-One PC Market a Bright Spot Amid Slow Tech Economy

Cybernet Manufacturing Expands Operations to Serve its Vertical Markets
IRVINE, CA. December 1, 2010. While other PC manufacturers downsize or maintain status quo as they wait for the economy to bounce back, Cybernet Manufacturing is busy expanding its operations. In July, the company purchased an additional building for its Irvine, CA, world headquarters. The new building will provide space for product customization operations.
Cybernet is the industry pioneer in all-in-one computers. Since 1996, they have been producing PCs that are contained within a keyboard or LCD monitor. They also manufacture medical all in one PCs, and fanless industrial PCs. The company's R&D operations are in Taiwan and basic manufacturing is done in China, but customization, final production and tech support is done in the U.S. at the Irvine, California, location. Cybernet’s mini PCs are customized in accordance with specifications unique to their customers’ industry and business operations. Cybernet is focused on four main vertical markets: health care, banking, government and education.
Technology and market analysts may wonder why a company would be expanding these days, with all the uncertainties in the U.S. and world economies. Says Senior Vice-President Ali A. Bagheri, "We needed to expand our operations to meet the demands of our customers; it's that simple. That meant investing in the facilities and resources necessary to deliver our products on time, with the highest levels of quality, reliability and personalized service our customers have come to expect." He attributes the increased demand to shifting trends in their vertical markets and the evolution of technology.
Cybernet's vertical markets are spending money. Health care providers and hospitals are adopting computer technology at a faster pace now, and the all-in-one PC design is ideal for their environment. Government and educational facilities are also buying all-in-one computers; those sectors have not downsized as much as the private sector has during the recession and they are using technology to increase efficiency. In the banking world, regional banks were not hit by the home loan crisis, and so they also can afford to upgrade their technology. Investing in all-in-one computers also means a lower ownership cost for customers; the units can be quickly deployed and installed, requiring less labor.
Another reason for the higher demand: the technology has evolved where it's now possible to design and build high-performance PCs that are compact and contained in one piece of hardware - even in an LCD monitor or a keyboard. Such all-in-one computers have the "wow factor" and are not only attractive technology-wise, but have a price point that is affordable for B2B customers.
Call it luck or timing, but Cybernet has found the perfect mix of the right vertical markets at the right time, and a versatile, innovative technology solution to deliver. In the B2B world, it doesn't get much better than that.

About Cybernet Manufacturing
Cybernet Manufacturing is a global manufacturer of space-saving, all in one computers serving multiple vertical markets such as health care, banking, government, and education. Cybernet is privately held, and is headquartered in Irvine, CA, with operations in Taiwan, China, and Europe. The company employs 400+ employees worldwide.