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Bradford County Public Library Chooses Cybernet for IT Infrastructure

DATELINE 11/12/2007

The Bradford County Public Library was recently on the prowl for some PC technology that would be cutting edge but would not break their bank.  They were hoping for something unique, something to go with their new building that is being constructed.  This building is now under construction and will be just 66 2/3 sq ft short of 20,000 square feet, five times the size of their current building.  With this new state of the art building, IT Director Phalbe Henriksen wanted to be sure to place her best foot forward technologically.  In doing so, she chose Cybernet, the world’s leading provider of Space-Saving PC technology, and their innovative iOne LCD PC.

Since the new building is yet to be completed, Ms. Henriksen set up the iOne units in the children’s reading area.  With two iOne units per table, the kids can now receive homework help via the internet and browse the card catalog, all from the same seat.  Once more staff and larger tables have been added to the new building, Ms. Henriksen intends to purchase more iOne units.

“Our iOne LCD PC is perfect for library use, where many PCs are usually placed side by side in an effort to accommodate large amounts of users,” states Greg Lucciano, V.P. of Sales and Marketing for Cybernet Manufacturing, Inc.  “Because of it’s virtual lack of real estate, the iOne can be utilized in greater numbers than a standard Tower PC in the same space, all while efficiently providing library information and internet availability to the library’s patrons.  This is yet another way that Cybernet offers the perfect solution to its clients!”