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Cybernet is Selected By Caritas Saint Elizabeth Medical Center

DATELINE 12/28/2005

Cybernet Manufacturing Inc., the leading provider of space-saving PC technology, has been chosen as the technology of choice for Caritas Saint Elizabeth Medical Center in Brighton, MA. Cybernet’s Zero-Footprint-PCs have been installed throughout the hospital for use by the medical staff for viewing patient information. Every intensive care suite in the medical center has a Zero-Footprint-PC, as well as all 10 of their operating rooms and several of their doctor’s offices. When it came time to furnish the technology for their newly opened Bone & Joint Center, the IT staff of Caritas again turned to Cybernet.

“The healthcare industry has found a great tool in the Zero-Footprint-PC,” said Greg Lucciano, V.P. of sales and marketing at Cybernet. “With its extremely limited space requirement, the ZPC is the perfect prescription for the crowded, often hectic environment of a medical center. With the ability to view X-Ray images and other crucial patient data with just a few clicks on an out of the way ZPC, doctors and nurses both benefit from the availability of our Zero-Footprint-PCs. And best of all, there is no box to get in the way of these healthcare professionals. When it comes to balancing today’s technological requirements with the day-to-day rigors of the healthcare environment, the Zero-Footprint-PC is leader of the pack.”