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Cybernet Teams Up with Advanced Bionics for New Cochlear Implant Diagnostic Device

Irvine, CA 8/6/19 – Cybernet Manufacturing is excited to announce a partnership with Advanced Bionics to develop a brand new cochlear implant monitoring device that can help surgeons and audiologists monitor cochlear implant function during and after surgery. The device, called AIM – Active Insertion Monitoring is already available and on the market.

AIM uses electrocochleography (ECochG) potentials created by the auditory nerve and inner ear in response to acoustic stimuli. This invaluable feedback provides real-time measurement to surgeons during insertion. Post-op, the AIM system allows clinicians to perform audiometry from 125 Hz to 4000 Hz using the patients implant at the click of a button.

Advanced Bionics developed the revolutionary software required for this breakthrough technology. For their part, Cybernet developed a highly customized version of their CyberMed Rx medical grade tablet to run the software and assist clinicians. The device is fully assembled at Cybernet’s ISO 13485:2016 certified facility, where the software is also installed, qualifying AIM as a Class III FDA approved medical device.

“We’ve worked hard with Advanced Bionics to create this custom device. The fact that we are able to work on a device that helps patients hear for the first time is something that we are extremely proud of,” said Ali Bagheri, VP of Global Operations at Cybernet. “Our partnership with Advanced Bionics is a testament to what can be accomplished when a device manufacture collaborates with a hardware manufacturer that is capable of customization, and has gone through the rigorous process of becoming ISO and UL60601-1 certified.”

The AIM device is in production and has been distributed throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Both Advanced Bionics and Cybernet Manufacturing believe that this device will revolutionize cochlear implant surgery as well as improve patient outcomes post-op.

About Cybernet Manufacturing

Cybernet was founded in 1996 with a goal to bring compact, small footprint computers to a variety of industries including Healthcare, Industrial & Enterprise market. The company takes pride in achieving product and quality certifications including ISO13485:2016, and building relationships in the B2B universe. Cybernet's mission is to provide the most versatile, reliable, secure computers for their intended markets. For over 20 years, Cybernet computers have met or exceeded medical and industrial certifications to make their name a trusted entity for business computing. Cybernet is privately held with 450+ employees worldwide. For more information on Cybernet Manufacturing and their business operations, take a look at their website