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Cybernet-Powered OZ Systems and JPS Health Network Join Forces to Engineer Newborn Screening IT System

Irvine, CA, January 10th, 2015. Cybernet Manufacturing, a market leader in high-performance, all-in-one PC technology, is proud to announce a unique partnership between premium reseller OZ Systems and JPS Health Network. The cooperation is intended for the implementation of a novel, IT-based health system set to revolutionize newborn screening, neonatal nursing and patient healthcare.

As a primary outcome of the partnership, JPS Health Network has now initiated the use of OZ BabyBundle – a Cybernet-built, all-in-one medical-grade tablet which accumulates and analyzes newborn medical data, offloading it directly from a broad spectrum of medical devices.

At the heart of the OZ BabyBundle lies the Cybermed T10 all-in-one medical-grade tablet PC, which allows for the seamless collection of healthcare data directly from a broad spectrum of medical devices. The ultraportable, stylus-equipped tablet simplifies workflow, enhances reporting compliance and substantially reduces human error associated with manual entry. The superior processing capabilities offered by Cybernet’s medical-grade tablet facilitates streamlined operation of intensive care software that screens Critical Congenital Heart Defects and other neonatal ailments.

Cybernet’s medical computing products have received several internationally accredited certifications for electronic medical equipment. The company’s all-in-one computing product mix boasts water-proof front bezels and dust-resistant back covers, making Cybernet computing products ideal for near-patient operations.

“JPS Health Network is one of numerous publicly-funded healthcare systems that look up to Cybernet for improving standard of patient care, enhancing public health reporting and ensuring accredited nearpatient medical operations”, stated Ali A. Bagheri, VP at Cybernet.  “Cybernet will continue to supply OZ Systems with accredited, all-in-one computing technology to further the mutual mission of improving public health.”


About Cybernet:

Cybernet Manufacturing is a global manufacturer of space saving, all-in-one PCs serving vertical markets such as business, banking, health care, and education. Cybernet is privately held, and is headquartered in Irvine, CA, with operations in Taiwan, China, and Europe. The company employs 400+ employees worldwide. To learn more, please visit


About OZ Systems:

OZ systems is known for implementing some of the world’s smartest screening algorithms and healthcare platforms. With core focus on bridging the divide between quality care and timely mediation for patients, OZ Systems stands distinct for design novelty and solution interoperability. To learn more, please visit


About JPS Health Network:

Tarrant County’s own publicly funded healthcare system, the JPS Health Network boasts a 537-bed intensive care hospital, more than 30 primary/specialty care health centers and around 20 school-based health centers. JPS is also home to the largest hospital-based family medicine residency in the US. To learn more, please visit