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Cybernet Releases Two Groundbreaking All-in-One Computers

Irvine, CA 7/1/19 – Cybernet Manufacturing, the pioneer in all-in-one computing technology, has announced the release of two new models – the CyberMed M12 and the iOne M12 computers. The two new units are both 12” low power consumption computers that can be powered over Ethernet. The two units were engineered to fit a variety of needs in both the medical and enterprise spaces.

The iOne M12 is an enterprise-grade all-in-one computer that is VESA mountable, has a responsive touch screen, access to multiple expansion ports, and has a powerful Intel Quad Core processor. Despite a rich feature set, it can still be powered over a simple Cat6 Ethernet connection, making this a desirable unit to use where AC power isn’t easily available.

“The iOne M12 fits so many practical applications. There are so many areas of retail, warehouse and distribution space that don’t have reliable access to AC power,” said Ali Bagheri, VP of Global Operations at Cybernet. “Rather than having to install a power outlet everywhere you want to mount a computer, you can simply run Cat6 cable, which is so much easier and less expensive, and still have access to a powerful computer workstation.”

The CyberMed M12 shares all of the same certifications as Cybernet’s other medical grade computers in that it features an antimicrobial* casing to protect the computer from degradation or deterioration, has a true flat and sealed front bezel for easy disinfection, and is IEC/UL 60601-1 certified for near-patient use. The ability to be powered over Ethernet is what truly makes this unit a game changer.

“We believe this is the first true all-in-one medical grade computer that can be powered over Ethernet. If another one exists, we haven’t seen it,” said Bagheri, VP of Global Operations at Cybernet. “This unit can be mounted absolutely anywhere without the need for a power outlet. The medical applications it can perform are nearly endless.”

The two new units round out Cybernet’s portfolio of medical grade computers and enterprise computers. The CyberMed line now features all-in-one medical grade computers ranging from 12”-24”, as does the iOne line of enterprise computers.

About Cybernet Manufacturing

Cybernet was founded in 1996 with a goal to bring compact, small footprint computers to a variety of industries including Healthcare, Industrial & Enterprise market. The company takes pride in achieving product and quality certifications including ISO13485, and building relationships in the B2B universe. Cybernet's mission is to provide the most versatile, reliable, secure computers for their intended markets. For over 20 years, Cybernet computers have met or exceeded medical and industrial certifications to make their name a trusted entity for business computing. Cybernet is privately held with 450+ employees worldwide.

*Antimicrobial technology protects the housing of the computer & tablet. Cybernet makes no direct or implied claims to protecting users or providing other health benefits.