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Cybernet’s New iOne-N19 Fanless All-in-One PC Targeted for Industrial Use

IRVINE, CA, May 22, 2013.  Cybernet Manufacturing has developed a fanless all-in-one industrial-grade computer, the iOne-N19.  It has a 19-inch display with resistive touch screen technology. The iOne-N19 is powered by an Intel Cedarview D2500 processor, yielding industrial-grade computing power for factory automation, machine control or kiosks.  It is fanless, waterproof and dustproof with an IP64 rating – perfect for factories and industrial facilities.
Cybernet has developed an extensive line of all-in-one PCs over the last few years, including models with touch screens and that carry IP64 or IP65 waterproof-dustproof ratings. Some models are also fanless. Their PCs are used in health care, banking, government, education, and business enterprise applications.
The fanless iOne-N19 is the latest in the iOne All-in-One PC series for Enterprise and Business.  Senior Vice-President Ali Bagheri recognizes the unique challenges that face today’s factories and manufacturing facilities, because Cybernet is a manufacturer, too.  “We understand what today’s factories and industrial facilities must deal with to maximize production efficiency. Reliable computing power must be accessible wherever and whenever it is needed, whether a PC is part of a sophisticated automated process or operated by a human. Cybernet designed the iOne-N19 with that in mind – it has optimum computing power, has a touch screen, can be mounted anywhere, and is fanless to reduce noise and keep dust from circulating and entering the computer.”
The iOne- N19 can be used in any location within an industrial facility: as a free-standing PC, placed in a kiosk, mounted on an extension arm, or mounted on a wall using standard VESA mounting holes. Because the iOne-N19 is fanless and keeps particulates from circulating, it can be used in clean room environments such as semiconductor fab facilities. Clean room workers wearing gloves can also use the touch screen with ease because it can accommodate gloved input. To learn more about the technical specifications of the iOne-N19 or to request a quote, visit the iOne-N19 webpage.