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Direct Federal Credit Union Opts for Cybernet

DATELINE 05/21/2007

Direct Federal Credit Union relocated the Call Center  and as part of that relocation, they worked very hard to design the new area as open and uncluttered. One of the biggest roadblocks to completing that design were the workstation CPU's. "Whether they are on the desk or below, they are unsightly, too easily kicked or bumped and the cables are always a mess," commented Bob Delaive, Director of Information Services for Direct Federal Credit Union.

Cybernet's fully functional keyboard/CPU was an obvious cost-effective solution. Bob Delaive reports, "From the beginning, Cybernet Sales and Technical Support made the installation simple. All units were shipped with our custom load, which dramatically reduced our implementation time. Our experience with Cybernet has been very positive. The end users love the simplicity of the new setup and the extra legroom under their desks. I am now planning to deploy additional Cybernet workstations in all other areas of the credit union as our traditional workstations are replaced."