Elmhurst College Offers Students Advanced PC Lab, Uses Zero-Footprint-PC

DATELINE 11/13/2006
Elmhurst College Offers Students Advanced PC Lab, Uses Zero-Footprint-PC

Elmhurst College CIO Jim Francis had an interesting challenge: how do you create a full service computer lab that can quickly be turned into a standard classroom when needed? Jim’s answer was the Zero-Footprint-PC. With the Zero-Footprint-PC Jim has created a state of the art computer lab that allows the faculty to offer cutting edge solutions for education without using up an entire classroom space with box towers. When not in use, the Zero-Footprint-PC units are easily slid away under the tables, locked and secure until needed again.

“We at Cybernet understand the challenges faced by today’s IT Professional, especially with the needs of education,” said Greg Lucciano, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Cybernet. “How does one offer the latest in Education Technology without populating a classroom with huge boxes that cannot be stored away? They look to Cybernet Manufacturing Inc. of course.” Jim is proud of his ZPC computer lab, and intends on outfitting future computer labs with the latest in Space-Saving PC Technology from Cybernet.
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