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Keeping Health Care Healthy

DATELINE: 11/02/09
It seems unavoidable. No matter where one travels these days, health care is the forefront of hot topics. From astounding advances in medicine to sweeping insurance reforms, the issue of maintaining our well-being is creating a very audible buzz. There is, however, a whole other facet of health care that people seldom see or consider. This is the managerial side. The individuals working on that side of the industry are on a never-ending mission to maintain the health of the very facilities that maintain our health.

Somebody uniquely familiar with the responsibility that comes with this territory is Tim McGovern. Tim is a dedicated Senior Systems Analyst with Fundamental, a highly regarded health care management company. The scope of the company's work includes the overseeing of payroll, HR and medical supplies for a full range of health care organizations. As one would expect, keeping tabs on the swell of information generated by these institutions requires a computer of incredible muscle, stamina, and flexibility. According to Tim and his colleagues, there is only one system hearty enough for the task– the Cybernet i-One.

The i-One began its long, uninterrupted stay at Fundamental with an in-depth evaluation of a demo model. Leaving the demo i-One running for two solid weeks, Tim's team tirelessly explored every facet of the versatile All-in-One PC. The results were stellar, prompting hearty thumbs up from the entire group. Tim's group wasted no time installing Fundamental's corporate image on the PC, eagerly ordering 2 more units for immediate company use. They soon upped the number of working units to 5, then 15. The population of on-site i-Ones has grown steadily since that time.

Fundamental has deployed two versions of the i-One with great success. The first is the touch screen without keyboard. With this model, a user simply logs in. The i-One takes over from there, automatically launching a specified application. Users include physical and occupational speech therapists, nurses and certified nursing assistants. Additional applications or email are never involved.

Version two of the i-One includes a keyboard because that input mode is required by the applications running on the PC. Utilizing an VESA mount vertical lift with keyboard tray, the unit is conveniently attached to a wall for easy access and visibility.

Tim is delighted to report that both versions of the i-One have helped Fundamental achieve its full range of goals. The company had needed a PC capable of outperforming its prior system within the corporate infrastructure. The newcomer had to be faster, and more importantly, it had to be far more reliable. Utilizing a touch screen with embedded Windows XP, the previous system exhibited a prohibitively high failure rate. The drawbacks didn't stop there, however. The old computer was not upgradable, and its embedded XP certainly did not qualify as a full operating system. The Cybernet units eliminated these shortcomings, satisfying Fundamental's demanding criteria beyond expectations. In short, “the Fundamental team loved them,” enthuses team member Susan Schulz.

Tim and the entire Fundamental team have no doubt that their successful relationship with Cybernet will continue for years to come. Thanks to the unmatched speed, dependability and stamina of the hearty i-One duo employed by Fundamental, the company promises to play a vital role in keeping health care healthy. Considering the changes vibrating through that industry, the time couldn't be better.