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Peak Power and a Perfect Fit

DATELINE: 5/20/08

This case focuses on Brian Lewis, Desktop Technician at Indiana Regional Medical Center (IRMC) Hospital. The hospital is located in Indiana, Pennsylvania — not the Midwest state. Acclaimed for its many advancements in knowledge and technology, IRMC is a benchmark of progressive patient care. Brian maintains that IRMC’s decision to stick with Cybernet is rooted in a number of distinct advantages. The advantages were reinforced when the company conducted comparisons and evaluations of several different all-in-one PC manufacturers. For both screen visibility and graphics, the i-One toppled the competition.

IRMC’s existing relationship with Cybernet has been instrumental in keeping the facility’s technological sophistication in peak condition. A completely satisfied customer of Cybernet, the hospital already has equipped its rooms and hallways with an extensive fleet of ZPC and i-One models. Both the i-One and ZPC have been facilitating information management in the Nurse’s area with faithful regularity. Moreover, a number of i-One models are seeing duty in the labs, while ZPCs are putting their muscle to work throughout the ER. Never seeming to get enough of a good thing, the hospital staff recently secured an additional fleet of i-Ones in quantities of 10-15 units per order. Configured with 1GB RAM and an 80GB hard drive but without a touch screen, each unit employs one of the hospital’s own keyboards.

In addition, the i-One models consistently deliver flawless performance of the much relied upon Meditech software, as well as a number of basic PC applications. Nurses are especially fond of the i-One, since the sleek and stylish machine fits comfortably where space is at an absolute premium – the hospital Nursing Stations. Sitting unobtrusively on a countertop, the i-One always is major help, not a hindrance. The nursing staff also appreciates the i-One’s high visibility, 19’ screen, as well as the unit’s user-friendly standard-size keyboard.

Lab Technicians are equally pro i-One. Not only are a number of the units already hard at work in IRMC labs, the Techs will be adding even more to the fleet. In fact, the i-One will be the standard PC for the lab, replacing the Weiss 12” green monitor terminals connecting to their server. As always, the lab will be going non-touch screen to reduce the risk of transferring disease, chemicals, etc. Currently, the lab runs an emulator software named Reflection, which performs flawlessly in tandem with the i-One.

Since IRMC has elected not to run Vista on any of their new i-Ones, Cybernet’s XP option is a welcome advantage. More than happy to accommodate the hospital’s current volume license for XP Pro, Cybernet ships all of the newly ordered i-Ones pre-installed with that operating system. This accommodation enables the hospital to fulfill its need for backwards compatibility with their hundreds of other, non-Cybernet PCs.

Brian and the entire hospital team are unanimous in their opinion of the i-One’s ongoing performance – excellent. According to the group, the computer certainly holds its own against any standard hospital PC. Based on current performance levels and anticipated advances, the i-One no doubt will remain a mainstay of IRMC for well into the future.