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Rhode Island’s Statewide Multiple Listing Service Turns to Cybernet

DATELINE 04/03/2006
Rhode Island’s Statewide Multiple Listing Service Turns to Cybernet Manufacturing, Inc.

Recently The Multiple Listing Service for Realtors in Rhode Island was faced with a technological dilemma. A new application was soon to be implemented, and about 4000 members required training to know how to use it. Their current training center was equipped to handle 10 members at a time, but they needed to almost double this capacity and traditional desktop technology would not cut it. Enter Cybernet Manufacturing Inc., the leading manufacturer of Space-Saving-PC products. Their need for a PC that took up virtually no space was an easy solution for Cybernet to provide. By electing to deploy the ZPC-9000™, Network Administrator Robert Parker was able to place 2 computers at each station, extending the reach of this training area to 18 users at a time. Another of his concerns, the constant assault of non-caring users treating these computers with disrespect, was easily swayed when he saw how well the ZPC-9000™ holds up to daily abuse. “I am very pleased with the performance,” said Mr. Parker. “I have not needed to service any of the units and the only time I have had to visit them is for software updates.”

“We here at Cybernet have grown ever more proud of the ZPC-9000™,” stated Greg Lucciano, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Cybernet Manufacturing Inc. “This fifth generation Zero-Footprint-PC™ continues the legacy of quality computing without the box we set out to create 10 years ago, and we anticipate the Zero-Footprint-PC™ having a long and fruitful existence for several more decades to come.”