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True Asset

DATELINE 06/20/2008

The VP for Kentucky’s Whitaker Bank, Howard Miles was looking for something to replace their old teller line PCs and decided on Cybernet. Serving a variety of communities within that state, Whitaker is a full service retail bank distinguished by its personalized, ‘neighborly’ approach.

Among its extensive assets, the institution counts its relationship to Cybernet as one of the most valuable. Whitaker has enjoyed a productive partnership with the computer manufacturer since 1999, the year in which the bank initially purchased the ZPC model. Since that time, Whitaker has been ordering the units on a regular basis.

Howard cites the ZPC’s space saving physique as a primary impetus for selecting the model. Sitting comfortably in teller windows designed 30 years ago, the units occupy a space originally intended to accommodate nothing more than an adding machine. Eliminating both bulkiness and cable clutter, the ZPC is not only the perfect fit — it’s nearly invisible!

The unit’s form is complemented perfectly by its functionality. Employing a flat screen LCD, the ZPC breathes life into special banking software called Vision. The tellers log into this software when they begin their shifts. In addition, the ZPC facilitates easy access to imaging, government reporting, and other software that the tellers use regularly. Tellers can print receipts instantly via a serial printer connected to the unit. They also have the option of outputting information through a standard office printer.

On a more personalized front, the ZPC has proven the perfect workhorse for Whitaker’s specially designed kiosk. Sitting on a desk in the bank’s lobby, the Internet- connected ZPC enables customers to check balances and other information on-line. The kiosk system is also a boon to Whitaker representatives. Providing user-friendly access to banking information, the kiosks allow the reps to wow customers with demos of on-line banking.

Delivering superlative performance, the ZPC stands miles above Whitaker’s previous system, which consisted of a set of green screen terminals. When the institution opted to change their banking software, big changes were needed. A PC with suitable muscle became mandatory.

The search was on! The Whitaker team conducted a series of side-by-side comparisons with a number of competing models, scrutinizing and analyzing the units from every possible angle. Finally, the results were tallied. The ZPC emerged triumphant, earning high points in the categories of muscle, style, reliability, user- friendliness, and compactness.

Howard’s team enthusiastically shares his upbeat view of the ZPC. Tellers, for instance, clearly value the computer’s sleek physique. Unlike bulky units that hog valuable workspace, the ‘boxless’ ZPC eases itself in teller areas without obstructing important business with customers. The non-obtrusive computer allows tellers to execute transactions with improved speed and efficiency, leaving a powerfully positive impression on the bank’s customers. Of course, the technical staff appreciates the ZPC for an entirely different set of reasons. To this group of sharp-eyed troubleshooters, the computer’s high reliability rating translates to significant repair reductions. The upshot is that they are able to spend far more time on important endeavors such as system enhancements, updating software, and yes, an occasional coffee break.